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Wild Tame Rebrand

Wild Tame is a creative agency based in Tokyo Japan, the work they produce is a balance of technical expertise and wild creativity, working in both English and Japanese. We wanted to create a brand identity that communicated and celebrated this duality and diversity while also speaking to the balance of cultural differences.
I developed a number of logo concepts based on the duality and contrast between English and Japanese culture, drawing on inspiration from calligraphic brush typography and hanko signature stamps. The final logo design combines the concepts of “wild” and “tame”, with cultural typographic concepts of Japanese brush calligraphy and western sans serif type. The visual reference to the “brush” was then taken and expanded to create a set of stationary and digital assets used in the website.
A key concept on the website was the idea of using English and Japanese side by side. This approach reflects the practices of the studio who work with both languages together on a daily basis. More than just translation, the work involves cultural understanding and communication, helping both international and Japanese clients.

Graphic Design




Wild Tame




Lead Designer


Marisa Gama