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London Cycle Wayfinding

As part of Transport for London’s Mini-Holland projects, Applied was approached to work with two London boroughs, Waltham Forest and Enfield. The aim was to build a cycle network and wayfinding system to create a more positive experience for cyclists and pedestrians in London’s outer boroughs. This project would serve as a pilot for further rollout in the city.
We tried to think about the cycling experience throughout London and what interventions can be introduced to support more enjoyable, seamless journeys. I was involved from the start of both projects, doing on-the-bike research, interviews and presenting our findings. I created concept designs for signage and mapping and finally documented these in the Masterplan documents featuring maps, diagrams and illustrations to explain our findings.

Design Direction: Ben Acornley. Design: Rossouw Oosthuizen, George Sidaoui. Planning: Richard Simon.

Graphic Design


Wayfinding / Editorial


Applied Wayfinding


Transport for London